Jikko Hellcat!


Hi guys! As you have noticed, I have revamped my Patreon page with a new character called Jikko Hellcat! She’s about to start her little adventures on Patreon and I hope you support her!I would like to continue to work on her adventures whilst juggling my current work schedule! I will also be putting up mini updates and videos of the artworks for you to enjoy!

I have revamped the tiers as such:

$1 or More:

  • Access to my posts and updates on Jikko Hellcat!

$5 or More:

  • Access to my posts and updates on Jikko Hellcat!
  • Hi-res Illustration!: A fancy hi-res version (300dpi) of the artwork!
  • Polls!: Vote on Jikko’s next adventure!

Give a comment on @jikkohellcat or Patreon on where you’d hope to see Jikko have her next adventure!

I will be collecting unique comments that are interesting and will put them up in a poll for you to vote!

I’m Hungry: A Bit and Kai Adventure & Coloring Activity!


Hi guys! Worked hard on getting this little adventure book project out! Bit and Kai is about a little robot named Bit, and a Corgi, named Kai, who are best of friends and they have adventures together!

This book is generally for people who are interested in learning the Korean Language (Hangul) and would like to have English to accompany the text, and it is also for people who are into coloring books!

It is currently available on Amazon if you are interested in a copy, do check it out!